Angry Birds flu in Cambodia

Angry birds invaded Cambodia

I want warn you about dangerous birds living in Cambodia: Angry Birds

All the kids and even adults are touched by Angry Birds Flu. You cannot move without look Angry birds. You dont believe us? Follow the guide in Cambodia. But be aware, it’s really dangerous, you can be contaminated.

Frozen Fish cake Angry birds (Sorya Shopping Center – Phnom Penh)

Angry bird plush in Restaurant

angry bird plush phnom penh

Sun visor Angry birds – (Riverside – Phnom Penh)

Sun visor Angry bird

Angry birds disguise – Young Cambodian guy

Angry bird disguise

Guitar Angry birds

Guitar Angry bird

Angry bird cake for your birthday?

Angry bird cake

Some Angry bird cars

car angry bird

camry phnom penh angry bird

Study english in Cambodia with Angry bird

english school angry bird

Trader in local market Psah Kandal – Phnom Penh

angry bird tshirt

Notebook Angry bird love Angkor Wat

Angry bird love Angkor Wat

Be aware, by night in the streets of Kingdom of Cambodia, you can meet this Angry bird. Dangerous life.

Angry bird by night in Cambodia

angry bird by night in cambodia

Do you have Angry birds flu?

moto angry bird

Tshirt Angry birds

tshirt angry bird

Clothes horse with Angry birds

underwear angry bird

And now even on your Visa Credit Card, you can get Angry Birds with FTB bank!

Everyone is infected with Angry birds

Yes, you don’t dream. We are also contaminated with Angry Bird flu!

Angry birds in Cambodia

angry bird cambodia

See you

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