Simple Ways to Figure Out Your Fertile Days

No matter how often you try to conceive, if you are not hitting the perfect timing, then you will not be successful in trying to get pregnant. Trying to conceive can be a long process for some. It may take months or even years. When some women are doing their best not to get pregnant, there are some who would do everything that they can to conceive a baby.

            According to doctors, the biggest mistake that most couples make is not knowing when they exactly ovulate. This is the reason why most women are advised to use a fertility calculator to determine their fertile days. These are the days that you will have a higher chance of conceiving.

Why Use a fertility Calculator?

            These days, most doctors suggest that you use a fertility calculator or ovulation kits to accurately measure your ovulation. Your basal body temperature or BBT charting can also help, but the fertility calculator can help you determine when the exact ovulation dates will be. This way, you would be able to plan your conception and give better treatment.

The Fertile Window

            These are the days in your menstrual cycle where conceiving has a higher percentage to be successful. Conception is possible during the 5 days before the ovulation until the day of the ovulation. These will total to six days which is referred to as the “fertile window”. This also reflects the lifespan of the sperm which is five days as well as the lifespan of the ovum which is 24 hours.

Important Reminders

            When you have intercourse more than six days before you ovulate, the chances of conceiving is zero. If you have sex five days before you ovulate, the chances to get pregnant is 10%. Take note that the success rate of pregnancy increases until two days before you ovulate and the day of the ovulation.

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