Dogs eat v/s Eat dogs

Are you a world traveler with open stomach? Did you survive in Cambodia like adventurer?

Khmer culture and dogs

Vietnamese or Chineese are famous for eat dog. But in Khmer culture, Cambodians are Buddhists and prefer eat fish. It’s not common to eat dogs. It change during the dark period of Khmer Rouge (1975-1979), poverty and hunger pushed the Cambodian eat dog in imitation of their neighboring Vietnam. Recently, food crisis push also consumption of dog meat because it’s more affordable than beef or chicken.

Who eat dog?

The mainly customers are motor taxi driver, small vendors also students, government officials.
But everybody doesn’t eat dog. In Cambodia, eat dog remain a little bit like a social taboo in big cities. Sometimes, they call dog meat ”Special meat” or ”Jogging cow meat”.

Gastronomic meat

According some, dog meat taste delicious, between beef and mutton. After eating dog meat, beef tastes flavorless tell others. We don’t know exactly where this dogs come from, but  dog thieves are common in Cambodia…

Benefits of eat dog

Dog eat have medicinal properties according to Chinese medicine encyclopedia written in 1558 by Bonchogangmog. Eating dog meat is said to increase the virility (for man) and generate heat and promote bodily warmth.
Prices off all kind of meat rise in Cambodia but dog meat stay affordable. And for 1$ you can get a plate of dog barbecue.

Are you ready for survive in Cambodia and surpass your social taboo?


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