Drink ice and run to toilet

When you come for the first time in Cambodia, you are incredulous with your questions. Is water clean? Drinking water is safe? Can I drink ice without danger?

How to survive to drink ice in Cambodia?

You feel bad and you often run to the toilet. Don’t worry, you’ve probably tried a local drink with ice. It is to your honor and your courage is the extent of your ignorance. It remains for you to open the little survival bag which contains the drugs you carefully prepare for your tripĀ  to get one against diarrhea.

Ice green tea

Back to the point, your lack of experience and disbelief you were not imagining the left from the ice in your glass.

Truk deliver block of ice in Phnom Penh

Ice man

Machine for broken ice

Tip: If the ice in your glass are irregular chunks or looted there are great chance whatsoever of the ice block. Then, in the restaurants if you have nice round ice cubes with a hole in the middle there is a good chance that hygienic conditions are met.

For information, even bottle of water you can get in supermarket aren’t very safely. Don’t trust that you can have a highest quality but you can survive!

You will never drink ice or drink water like before!

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