Rich tourists Vs Poor Cambodians

Doing business in Cambodia

Rich tourists

At the end of the day, when rich tourists visited Angkor, they are happy to go back hotel in private tuktuk. If, they more lucky they will take a VIP bus (just the name is VIP) for visit Phnom Penh (trip 6 hours) or they will spend an awful night in bus for go to Sihanoukville. Some more adventurous tourists will take cyclo or motodop (mototaxi) for their visit.



Poor Cambodians

During this time, poor Cambodians go back home in imported cars. These cars are not selling anymore in the U.S. or Europe; too expensive. It is the crisis in USA and in Europe. In more, only the low-priced cars have success in Europe, crisis and gasoline prices are too high….

rolls royce ghost cambodia


toyota land cruiser cambodia

bmw x6 cambodia




cadillac escalade cambodia


Just a short overview..

Demand for luxury cars, specially Sport Utility Vehicles, is booming in Cambodia.

Business analysis

Demand for low cost cars is booming in USA and Europe.

When will Cambodians export tuktuks & cyclo in USA or Europe?

Doing business in Cambodia / Advantage of the crisis


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