Traditional Cambodian medicine

Cupping session in Cambodia

You are in holidays in Cambodia and all the night you slept with your air-conditioner on 18°C in the room of your hotel. This morning, you’re K.O.. Come from so far for be sick, your aren’t lucky. But it exist one Cambodian solution, the traditional medicine.

You also think that the traditional Cambodian medicine is a good alternative to counterfeit drugs on the local markets.

How does it happen? Don’t be scare and follow our doctor:
Glasses are heated and placed on the back, the difference of  temperature creates a vacuum that promotes blood circulation.

Cambodian medicine

Traditional medicine is often practised and popular. Popular not only in Cambodia but also in Hollywood, remember the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The next day, you feel a whole lot better for continue your trip in Cambodia. On the beach, you will make a splash.

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