How to Win Money in Cambodia?

Win 1$ per day?

Everybody know how to spend money in Cambodia. But how to win money in Cambodia? I will not explain you how to win 1000$ or 10000$ in 1 month or in 1 day. For start, I will explain you how to win 1 dollars. It’s already a challenge!

1- Drink and win money

My first advice is ”Drink and win money”. For some barangs, it will be very easy :-)

Everyday, you look people walk around in the streets with a cart, a horn and a balance. They collect waste for survive in Cambodia. Collect all cans or small plastic bottle and sell it.

garbage collector in Phnom Penh

10 can win 600 riels and 5 bottle plastic win 100 riels

If during one day, you can collect drink 67 cans of Angkor beer, sell it and you will win 1$. You can also try with plastics bottles but you need 200 bottles of water for win 1$.

2- Sleep and win money

The easy way to win money and the safer is to sleep. Yes, place money in Cambodian Bank and win very good interest rates. But first, you need to convert your Usd in Riels. Riels give better interest rates than USD, and you need money.

Look few examples for Term deposit account 1 year in Riels:

Acleda Bank 7% – Riels – 1 year

Canadia Bank 7% – Riels – 1 year

Sacombank 6,5% – Riels – 1 year

I didnt consider in this study that you have to pay tax on your interests.

But the best is the Microfinance institution, even if its riskier because the structure are less establish than Cambodians banks. Have a look on Term deposit account 1 year in Riels:

CBIRD 12% – Riels – 1 year

AMK 10,5% – Riels – 1 year

KREDIT 10% – Riels – 1 year

AMRET 10% – Riels – 1 year

Put 12 200 000 RIELS (equivalent 3050 USD) in Cbird with 12% interest rates..

… and win 1$ per day during 1 year!

and continue to sleeping.

sleep and win money

3- Spend times but win money

Would you be interested if I told you there’s a secret to saving maney? The best way for win money in Cambodia, is the money that you don’t spend.

Bargain is the rules here. Never accept the first price, 500 riels by 500 riels, 1000 riels by 1000 riels, dollars by dollars.. you will save lot of money in one day for sure.

Just bargain little bit hard with your tuktuk and the price will be down of 1 dollars! Try it also in market.

Don’t be pressed, always spend 5-10 minutes of your times for bargain and you will win minimum 1 dollars for 1 day. This method is 100% guarantee.

win money

And don’t forget to spend less than you earn.

Win money

I hope to meet you in Cambodia and that you will be richer or less poor than you was.

See You in the Kingdom!

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